Banned on the EMB? Disagree about why?

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Have your day in court.
If you've been banned, follow the directions in that discussion and you may be allowed to return to the blabosphere.
Members: don't bother following that link, it's for Banned people only.

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(3) responses to: Banned on the EMB? Disagree about why?

  1. yeah apperently i "spammed the shit outta the front page" but i dont even know what spam is

    theoriginalkyle's Emeritar theoriginalkyle Posted:
  2. i got banned from posting a picture of a t shirt in a discussion about "what i want". but someone told me it was spamming but i dont know what spam is.

    slayer666's Emeritar slayer666 Posted:
  3. i didnt kow what emb was for so i posted stuff about skaters

    skatelov's Emeritar skatelov Posted:

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