Remco Staak Interview

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We saw Remco popping up at a lot of contests the last few years, always full of energy and pushing himself further and further. A few months a go we decided to put him on the Emerica program for the Netherlands. Keep your eyes on this guy the coming months! - Dutch Emerica TM

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> Give us some basic information on yourself, what's your name, where you from and how old are you, how long have you been skating?

I’m Remco Staak and I come from Holland. I’m 19 and i have been skateboarding since i was twelve.

> How is the skate scene over there?
The skate scene is pretty alive out here, but in Holland we got a hell of a lot rain! So that sucks and that's why streetskating over here is difficult you can almost only do it throughout the summers.
The fact that Holland is really tiny makes contest and events so sick. Everybody from the country who skates comes together with these events and just have a beer and skate.

> What made you start skateboarding?
it started when i was in final grade of school and there was a friend of mine who could ollie stuff and could do a kickflip. I was stoked and started begging for a board. That’s when I started and never stopped

> What do you besides skateboarding?
I also like snowboarding, chillin with friends and my girl, go to party's and get wasted.

> Do you like to enter contests?
Yeah i do like to enter contests because i think that it's fun just skating with everybody and see the other guys do shit that you've never see them do and then you try some new stuff too. during the contest see who rides the sickest line and see if you can pull a nice line too.

> What contests are you planning to enter this summer?
the contests/events that I’m sure of are: Dutch Championships, StreetMasters08, Skatejam, És game of skate, Wild in the streets, European Championships Basel and every small contest with a nice bbq.

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> You've been sponsored by Emerica. now for about half a year, what's it been like?
it has been sick! Now I go to spots with the team where I’ve never been. Now that I’m on Emerica I skate more and shoot more footage, get stoked by the style and skating of the other teammates and just roll with some really nice shoe's all the time!

> What are your teammates like?
Rob Maatman is like the style 'king' and he's a chill to hang around. I never actually knew him until I got on the team now I see him skate more and I think that he will make it far.
Guus de Both is like the most laidback dude I know, it looks like he's always stoned and talks not so fast but he's fast as hell in the mini.

> Which shoe model do you like most?
Francis, Reynolds3, Laced.

> Any last words?
Keep on skating, party hard and stay gold.

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  1. gast hoe heb je emerica gevraagd dan ik probeer al heel lang te soeken

  2. wil je het asjeblieft zegen pleas

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