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  • sup my nig?

    brandon's Emeritar brandon Posted:
  • Damn, must of hurt, That sucks. I hope your okay.

    Mercedes!'s Emeritar Mercedes! Posted:
  • Nothing much:p

    Mercedes!'s Emeritar Mercedes! Posted:
  • sup son!?

    brandon's Emeritar brandon Posted:
  • yo whats good what is all emericas cause im on their and i seen you

    raybans's Emeritar raybans Posted:
  • i totally will but look i gotta go uhh kat black is havin a bday party on saturday at the rosewood center from 8 til 11 pm u should come n bring the whole crew like daniel and aiden !!!!

    dezy23's Emeritar dezy23 Posted:
  • i really havent been on in a while my rents areassholes and wont let me on the computer when schools starts back u better learn to quit bein so damn shy n talk to me!!!!

    dezy23's Emeritar dezy23 Posted:
  • okay man that should work. i gave up with hardflips i do frontside flips now.

    AidanRowland's Emeritar AidanRowland Posted:

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