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Where are you originally from?
Lisbon, Portugal.

How and when did you start skating?
When I was 11.

What kind of board did you start on?
It was a Santa Cruz Moucus, I think.

Did you start out skating in the streets or at a skatepark?
Streets, of course--there were no skateparks here for me at the time.

Who were you skating with at first?
My homies here at Pontinha, where I still live.

Were there any early influences on your skating? Who did you look up to?
My friends, mostly.

Do you enjoy skating in contests and demos?
Sometimes. It depends on my mood, but mostly yes.

How could contests be improved?
Bombs, tigers, BOOM! A different street course every day, and jam sessions.

What do you like about being able to make some money from skating? What’s not so cool?
It's a dream life for sure, but keep your mind focused, otherwise you will lose it. It sucks when you're hurt and you have to represent, because you feel that you're not doing your part. But, then again, that's just life.

What do you think of skate videos these days?
I love them. Every time I see a new video, I trip so much on the tricks people are doing nowadays. So much crazy and creative stuff. It's beautiful.

Do you enjoy filming video parts yourself?
Yes, it gives me motivation to upgrade my skating.

Skating 3.0. Do you skate vert ramps or bowls much?
When I have the opportunity. Here in Portugal, I don't have much luck.

What do you think of the skateparks in Europe?
They are getting better, but it all comes down to tastes and personal feelings. For me, it could be awesome, but for some other skater, it could suck.

Should skateparks copy real street spots like MACBA or have more trannies?
The best of the two worlds.

What do you like about Emerica?
Mainly the shoes, charisma and especially my Team Manager. Thanks, Oli.

Which Emerica shoe do you like? Why?
The Canal is awesome to skate. The Reynolds 2 and 3 are also two of my favorites.

Who do you skate with now?

Who are your favorite skaters of all time?
Geoff Rowley, Andrew Reynolds, Daewon Song, Tom Penny, Lucas Puig and the list goes on and on.

Skateboarding professionally also means a lot of traveling! What does that mean to you?
A good chance to meet new cultures and understand there's a whole lot more besides your little street--like lifestyles that you never knew existed.

What do you enjoy besides skating?
Loving the next one, a great laugh.

What are your future goals?
To learn how to skate properly.

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  1. portuguese sk8ters are the best !!!!´pvz

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