rolling with the punches.

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only 9 days to christmas. time to celebrate!

last weekend i hung out with my friend saturday and sunday. i guess i learned a few things. some of my friends are weird. they find humor in the craziest ways. not going into detail.

my friends mom works books a million. so we got to hang out the mall ALL day. i also got my new phone. an lg rhythm. flyest phone ever. we skated outside the mall. it was so fun. went into the plaza dollar tree, got some candle wax, and boardslided the parking blocks. so awesome. we were just playin around on the street. always keeping a lookout on peering eyes, cause people are so crazy. so i just failed at yet another good boardslide and see a worker watching us. i turn around and say uh oh so loud i think he heard me. i tell my friend look around and sees the guy smoking, so i think everythings cool. i ask my friend if we should leave in case they called someone. so we went around the corner and hid our stuff just to see how it'd play out. turns out a rent a cop came around with his pen and pad.

he didn't say anthing to us but hung put where we skated a while. so we left and hung with our other friend in the mall. it was a very exciting day.

sunday was cool. i stayed at my friends house. we played tony hawk mostly. when we finally got around to skating that morning we found some cool spots. one was this express oil change. the other was this little gap behind our town's enterprise. it was so tight.

it was all fun and games til we came to it a second time after a pizza break. my mom called telling me to hurry back up to my friends house so she could pick me up. so we dash on our skateboards back to his house. and some way or another my friends boards ends up in like a ditch where rain water drains to. it rained two days ago. so i had to help him get it out. most hilarious thing ever.Blog Image
Blog Image

later on i went to walmart and got my camera for christmas. so awesome. can't wait to take more pictures.

this week we have exams. sucks so bad. its raining all week here. except on friday. and luckily i don't have school. so i might hang with my friend at the new skate spots we found. until then i'm stuck taking exams....Blog Image

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