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I first started riding skateboards when i was 5 then after a while when i went to 6th grade i decieded to start skating serious. At the time everyone wanted to skate so i had a lot of friends to skate with. It was really fun and i loved it then i finally got my first complete for my 11 birthday. I got an Active board with Independent trucks, and these terrible darkstar wheels haha. I always skated with my friends at the local park. Then one day me and my friends were seshing a 5 stair it happened. I broke my ankle. It sucked sooooo bad i didnt get to skate for 5 weeks. It was hell. Then after that I was very cautious about my skating. But i got over it after time went by. Nowadays I skate with my friends in Murrieta. We love to film and make skate videos for our friends to see. STAY GOLD!!!!
Im 15 now and ive been skating for 3 years and i pretty much skate everyday with my friends Diego,Edgar,Jordan,Tristan and others but those are the main ones i skate with.


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