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Rob Maatman’s name has been synonymous with raw, stylish street skating in Europe for many years. He’s been skating in Emerica shoes since the age of 13 and has consistently progressed thought the skateboarding ranks.

He currently spends portions of his year in the US where he films and skates for Zero.

Rob is undoubtedly the “silent Assassin” of the team; so quiet and reserved that you could be easily forgiven for forgetting he’s in the van at all. But once Rob figures out what he wants do at a spot then all hell breaks loose. It’s always kill or be killed when Rob decides its time to ”have it!”

  • Age: 20
  • Hometown: Deventer, Netherlands
  • Sponsors: Emerica, Volcom, Independent, Burnside Park (The Netherlands) & shop, Zero Skateboards
  • Cites: Lisbon, Berlin, Athens
  • Spots: the yard, any good handrail or bank spot
  • Parks: Burnside, Skatepark Amsterdam, Walhalla
  • Albums: ‘Lil Wayne, Carter III
  • Van tunes: rock & roll, metal, ‘Lil Wayne
  • Video Parts: Brandon Westgate “Stay Gold,” Andrew Reynolds “This Is Skateboarding,” Antwuan Dixon “Baker 3”
  • 3
Essential tour items: Macbook, cigarettes, iPod
  • IPod
People to skate with: Eniz Fasliov, Helder Lima, the homies!
  • Inspirational skateboarders: Bryan Herman, Jamie Thomas, Brandon Westgate
  • Food: pizza, spare ribs, any home cooked meal from my mom
  • Books: Thrasher
  • Bars: De Alm, Burgerweeshuis, any good bar
  • Things that make you happy: my girlfriend, homies, good times
  • Things that piss you off: angry people, selfish people
  • Reasons you skate for Emerica: Best team, best shoes, best vibes, Eniz Fazliov
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