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Heres a story of my skate life, back when i was about 11,
i was skating big shit, just like in the video, which was months before it happened. normal people skate stairs vertically down the steps, but i was trying for a big gap. i decided to go horizontally, so we find this stair case about a 12, and theres this handrail in the middle. so we set up the kicker from the cement on the left of the stairs. and i go for it but i ollied wayyyyyyy to early, so i clipped the start of the cement, and my left side of my rib cage basically all fell apart. my side hit the rail and there was just soo much blood everywhere. the ribs closed in on my lungs so i couldnt breathe so i blacked out, at least i wasnt in too much pain after. i got lucky, they didnt puncture my lungs. sooo, i still dont know exactly how many ribs i broke, i never went to the hospital, my mom wouldve killed me and banned me from skating! so i just layed in my room for 4 years. and now im out skating again. i dont have ALL my tricks back, but i have a majority of them back. ((:

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