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Well just yesterday at the shitty Laramie, WY skatepark, I was skating the double set 6 leading into the park from the gate. I was gunna do some Adrian Mallory/Ragdoll shit and pull a ollie firecracker for shits and giggles. The first try I got all the way down but lost my balance at the very end. The second try I got the same result but when I lost my balance my knee landed on the concrete and I cut it open on a piece of glass. It's pretty deep. I'm pretty sure I need stitches. The sucky thing about that is that all of my insurance crap is back in Pheonix, AZ with my mom. So I can't go to the hospital and get them. And I've been changing bandaids pretty regularly, about every 3-4 hrs. That's all that's holding my skin together. Well I have to go eat my veggies.

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  1. damn bro, get that checked as soon you can, keep cleaning it and stuff, that could get nasty

    shrizzedtehgnizzar's Emeritar shrizzedtehgnizzar Posted:
  2. the skin around it is dead now. and it pusses a lot more than it bleeds now, but it still hasn't stopped bleeding.

    rockemericas4life's Emeritar rockemericas4life Posted:

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