Last Words

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*Last Movie You Saw:
Hitman - Bee Movie

*Last Thing You Read:
TransWorld Skateboarding Magazine

*Last Song You Listened:
Do You Want To/Franz Ferdinand

*Last Time You Skated:
Ayer,Lomas skatepark

*Last Trick You Learn:
Nollie B/S Smith

*Last Video Game You Played:
Wii sports

*Last Time You Felt Stupid:
Cada Dia De Mi Vida

*Last Skate Video You Watched:
TransWorld/King Of The Road

*Last Thing That Changed Your Life:
La Fiesta De Bienvenida De Silvia..

*Last Time You Felt Totally Confused:
Ahora Mismo..Tratando De Recordar Cuando Me Senti Totalmente Confundido...

*Last Article you Bougth:
Una Caja De Cigarros..

*Last People That You Hated:

*Last People To Hurts You:
Paola Muñoz..

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