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wats gud im ronnie i love S.K.8.N its my mothaloven life
i've been sk8n 4 about a year now and its been like gettin laid naw not really hahahahh
i jus got hurt tho thanks to some bad ass lil 4 year old i was doin a nollie heelflip and some kid threw a rock at my feet and made the board kick away from me twisted my foot and bent my body to the left and pulled a tendent and chipped a piece of my hip bone now im on crutches 4 like 6 weeks the rest of my session is screwed the **** up other din dat im gud i enjoy music if i didnt sk8 as much i did b4 i got hurt i would be a Dj but hey im hurt now so i could do dat. but music is beast all kinds but jazz and classical ive mostly been listen to wayne and slipnot. damn time to go tagging


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  • i cant even remember how to do the backround, ill ask my friend and ill get back to you,alright? peace

    devan-and-branflakes's Emeritar devan-and-branf... Posted:
  • what all do u want to know how to do?

    devan-and-branflakes's Emeritar devan-and-branf... Posted:

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