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above picture is of some furry things from my field trip to Washington D.C.


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  • Whatz happenin homie welcome to the site!!!

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im 14....i love to skate and i do it every day its not raining or snowing
i started about nine months ago
i mostly like to skate street but if i have the chance to skate a park ill take it
i love music and i like alot of bands but i not a big fan of newer stuff on the radio
i also play some other sports but im not to hardcore about them soccer and baseball
my screen name is wiggins8989
setup-mystery deity, tensor magnesiums, mystery wheels, black magic grip shorys hardware and i think thats all.

heres my top three skaters..... not in any order
1.jamie thomas
2.mike vallely
3.andrew reynolds

top three companies,fallen,mystery they work together.....
3.underwood skateboards its the local skate park/company
4.oh yeah and kr3w

top three skate videos dying to live
2.girl yeah right for animal chin its a classicBlog Image

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