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I'm Ryan Williams i have been skating since I was 12 am not the best but am not that bad, I have met loads of people so I therefore don't trust many people, my main best friend is my German Shepard companion Jerry Lee who in turn also skates, I play guitar as well and I have been playing since I was 11 am really good at that and infact am in a band that gets paid to play gigs every saturday night.
I learnt most of skateboarding from just practicing and tips on youtube but I have learnt a lot about ramp building, movie making and buying skateboards from the free guides on Secret of Skateboarding. Im a dedicated skater and enjoy it but I mainly skate with just me and my mate Mitchell, but if you live in the north east email me and maybe we can go skating sometime.
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Sponsor: Everyday Skateboards, RAW Development, SMX Optics, F1 Ceramic Bearings
NEW!!! Deck-Almost Circle Screen
Deck-Blue Print Panchencko Series
Risers-Alien Workshop
Brushings-Independent Soft 90a
Grip Tape-Skateshop Brand
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