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SKATE ALL DAY SKATE ALL NIGHT! im bored as hell so i never stay home always out skating...if its winter, im at the indoor parks, if its summer, im street skating.
cant ever get enough of skateboarding because its what i love to do! =)

Name: Branden Satchell Ryley
Age: 17
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Present Town: Ferndale, MI
Favorite boards: Baker,Plan B,Almost,Zero,Flip.
Fav. Wheels: Satori Movement,Spitfire,Ricta.
Fav. Grip: Jessup all day!
Fav clothing: Bascally anything then i look swagged out in. lol
Fav Shoes: Emerica, Reynolds 3's,G-Codes!,Etnies RVM,Addidas.
Music: anything chill that i can skate to. aha!


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