180 2 stair

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180 2 stair

it was so cool

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(5) responses to: 180 2 stair

    good job!

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  2. thats easy shit.
    you should do that down a 6 or 7.

    Dylan's Emeritar Dylan Posted:
  3. Wow!!!! u can 180 a 2 stair!!!! ur bad ass!!!!

    darius's Emeritar darius Posted:
  4. hot dam put a flip with that and ull be reynolds

    AidanRowland's Emeritar AidanRowland Posted:
  5. a two stair! damn thats 1 stair plus 1 stair shit thats crazy and a 180 with it wow

    popatart's Emeritar popatart Posted:

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