What wheels are you people riding?!

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I want to know what wheels you are riding and how they are treatin' ya. I ride Ricta Arto Saari Cores and they are 52's. Peace...

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(4) responses to: What wheels are you people riding?!

  1. Ricta, Momentum, Autobahn and Bones make tha best urethane hands down,

    schmidt16's Emeritar schmidt16 Posted:
  2. We are selling boards through the mail. for $30.00. Our boards are really actually only $25.00

    Abcboards's Emeritar Abcboards Posted:
  3. I ride blackout 52

    Darkdragon1's Emeritar Darkdragon1 Posted:
  4. nice...very good...


    nolife's Emeritar nolife Posted:

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