Memory Gun Coming Soon

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check it out my homies almost done there video memeory gun its going to be crazy. all the kids rep the east coast so holar at them. big ups to my homie ishod wair and tom asta killen the game

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(4) responses to: Memory Gun Coming Soon

  1. yea they are all soo good

    enjoiemerica's Emeritar enjoiemerica Posted:
  2. well yea there too sick i skate with them all the time. They all are sponsored and tom asta just got put on the am team for mystery haha so yea everyones sick and my friend ishod omg bro he through something switch down love u might wana check the vid out when it comes out

    shakejuntitup's Emeritar shakejuntitup Posted:
  3. the vid looks tight man

    Karma's Emeritar Karma Posted:
  4. Tight video... good atmosphere, makes you wanna go outside and skate even when its only the trailer.
    Wanna check the whole video!
    Keep it up

    q-jones's Emeritar q-jones Posted:

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