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hey my name is shane madrid,im 15 years old,i live in california,my current sponsors are Street Science board shop, Elefant skateboards, venture trucks (flow). late.


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  • oh really cool i just heard that rumor on a comment box on one of his vids hes so sick

    Delete Me Please's Emeritar Delete Me Pleas... Posted:
  • yeah but isnt he only flow for Baker
    lol its funny how most of the time when u get on emerica u get on baker

    Delete Me Please's Emeritar Delete Me Pleas... Posted:
  • hahah yeah i know hes a little bitch ive talked to him before but you have to give him props hes still pretty good

    justin21's Emeritar justin21 Posted:
  • nah buddy im goofy and i got on the rail frontside and am about to go into the bank

    justin21's Emeritar justin21 Posted:
  • your skatin in AM?
    thats pretty good.
    ima begginer but don't blame me if i have a bda reaction to the people on this website.
    most of them look like they dont skate.
    and i already got a bunch of posers to worry bout in ob.
    where you from?

    Brandon's Emeritar Brandon Posted:
  • figgys tight man. idk though his part in birdhouse was sweet you know why he switch?

    justin21's Emeritar justin21 Posted:
  • howd you know hes on baker?

    justin21's Emeritar justin21 Posted:

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