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I'm 21 outta HBT Hobart, Oklahoma, in the Southwest.A lot of the spots around here are small but there are some big ones.Making something of nothing.There are spots and skateparks in the towns near Hobart.I just got my other set of wheels rollin', my '82 Ford Granada.Rollin' eighties steez! Ya'mean.Should help to hit outta town spots.Workin' to make money burger flippin' but that's cool.I like to kick it at home on the PS2,chillin' with my woman Diane.If you don't know I skate ,too.I've been skatin' around 7 yrs now lovin' it. My Dad bought me my first skateboard, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles board with blue wheels,rails,and the fat brake on the back.It was cool to me at 5 lol.The I actually started to skate on I got from a friend when I was 14 and after my first Heelflip of a curb I haven't wanted to put it down other than with tricks ya'mean.I just wanto hit up some new and spots I've been eye'n,progress, keep havin' fun on my skateboard,and enjoy life.Stay Gold!


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