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I've heard the question "Why aren't curbs allowed in videos?" Well here's my take on it. I know curbs might not be as sick as stairsets, rails, benches, banks, ledges, or gaps but you can create on'em just like those other spots. Good skating or style can come out on any spot you come across. It almost seems taboo to throw in a curb line or something. Afraid if say Andrew Reynolds throws a FS nollie heelflip fakie nosegrind on a curb and not a handrail he'll look like a little kid instead of a G. That's essentially what we all are anyway right? I'd holla if I seen it go down ona curb or handrail by Reynolds or a little kid. I'm just saying it wouldn't kill anyone to see more curb lines or tricks in videos. Open with a curb trick, drop it in after a set,combo it, 360 flip on it maybe that'll teach that curb what's cool. Maybe if it was thrown in with a megaramp it would be worthy. Anything that inspires you to want to go out and skate is good. Maybe if more skaters have curbs in there parts kids won't be like "Oh I got nothing to skate!"Go skate a curb that's something. Open up your eyes and your minds if your skaters.We skaters can skate on pretty much anything. SKATE! Skate what you got how you can, when you can, all you can because spots have the option to be temporary. Curbs are as good as any spot to kill. We can push limits on curbs, too. Just saying what I can to see the fun in any spot. Just do all you can to have fun skating everything. Good skating is good skating on any object curb, bank, ledge, rail, stairs, gap, wall, ramp, flatground, and anything else in your environment. Sk8 2 Live

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