My ♥, She Is Nur Fahmi Utami

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My ♥, She Is Nur Fahmi Utami

Yyeah, that he name the cave.
Usually people call amii cave,
there are also people who used to call the cave with double M.
someone called cave Leledh (HHA? Who is he?)

yeah, 19september1993.
Name NUR Fahmi Utami created from both parents cave.
MR.B and Mrs.S (not allowed to call the brand)
I do not know why the name of the cave so rich (LOL)

I do not know even now is still very vague meaning in memory of the cave, (emang basically a cave not know what it means).
cave second son of 3 siblings.
Sisther ayu + sisther Tika.
same distance difference cave ayu cuman year, well. . . become familiar cave with him.

Love you My Sisth :*

dede when the distance is quite distant age, 6 years (maybe).

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