Help needed...

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im getting a new deck, i have no clue on what to get! please help...

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(4) responses to: Help needed...

  1. baker

    Silas "Atty" Rowland's Emeritar Silas "Atty" Rowland Posted:
  2. girl baker zero or mystery

    yakuzateddybear's Emeritar yakuzateddybear Posted:
  3. same problem im having man!
    im proly getting a real or maybe a cliche.
    foudations are really really nice too.
    tthe only board I definately wouldnt get is a girl or chocolate...theyre terrible

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  4. dawg
    get a baker
    those are da best ones
    datz wat i got

    gurulekid's Emeritar gurulekid Posted:

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