wut about dis?

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wut about dis?
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(6) responses to: wut about dis?

  1. totally that 1

    yakuzateddybear's Emeritar yakuzateddybear Posted:
  2. Just get a krooked or an Anti-Hero or a Cliche'. black box wood sucks ass

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  3. thats it, get that one!

    guzpacho's Emeritar guzpacho Posted:
  4. that deck is really sick but zeros break soooo easy

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  5. I had that board for not so long time ago. I think its pretty good.

    jonathans√łe's Emeritar jonathans√łe Posted:
  6. eh i like zero alot but this one is to pink for me

    zachariah's Emeritar zachariah Posted:

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