how do you set up for a frontside flip?

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it seems like it should be easier than the backside flip. i can fs 180 like every time, but i cant bs 180 without the kick or heelflip in it. when i frontside flip it flies out front and i only land it with one foot.

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(3) responses to: how do you set up for a frontside flip?

  1. look on my profile i just added a new video on frontside flips so you could see it

    skate3merica's Emeritar skate3merica Posted:
  2. just watch the andrew reynolds video on how to do a fs fflip

    snowblind's Emeritar snowblind Posted:
  3. first off, frontside flips are way harder than backside flips! I do them by putting my back foot WAY on the back edge of the tail. then I put my front foot up near the bolts and on the edge a bit. then I kick my back foot forward like a hardflip and my front foot up (to make it go between the legs) or out (to do a normal one). catch, turn, land, and roll away

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:

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