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Today i was on the EMB and wanted to start a discussion. They pull me up to this page that i am too new of a member to start a discussion. This is because they are getting a lot of spam from their new members. All i wanted to do is start a discussion about the fusion tech. I think this rule should not be in place and if you agree i would like you to post a comment about it, and if you agree with emerica about this rule. I get where emerica is coming from but it is annoying.They are still the best shoe company out there.

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  1. I know what you mean man! I managed to put one up, asking "Why do you guys hate everything" because all I seen when I went on it was a bunch of angry people complaining about stupid shit! Although I can't speak. But if you put rants on stuff you will eventually be allowed to make a discussion.

    bsc94's Emeritar bsc94 Posted:
  2. Hey man, welcome to the EMB. The reason there's a minimum post requirement to be able to start a new discussion is that a lot of times people will start making new threads about a lot of nonsense or creating threads like "What's your favorite trick?" when there are already 10 of them somewhere down in the netherpages of threads.

    There's a handy thread stickied at the top of the EMB that explains all of this a little better, and if you haven't read it you should. Here's the link.

    Happy posting!

    gunther ivy-townley's Emeritar gunther ivy-townley Posted:
  3. thanks i just got to the minimum post requirement

    skater19's Emeritar skater19 Posted:

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