god damed snow

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i live in New York so teh summers r great but teh winters suck some majer ball. ive had to skate in my basement fer the past 2 months and its killing me cause its just flat and there's barely any room... but its all i've got. I go to teh Shelter wich is an indoor skatepark in albany wich is like 15 minutes away but its 12 bucks (im piss poor broke) and my parents never get off theer asses to drive me. i wish i lived in the south somewhere!

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(2) responses to: god damed snow

  1. dude i live in New Jersey and i know exactly wat ur talkin about. My skate park is 25$ for 3 hours of skatin

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  2. That sucks man, I live in Louisiana so I can still skate. I mean its usually from 30-50 degrees outside but its still skateable.

    Underflip's Emeritar Underflip Posted:

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