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Im Starting a new project called ANCHORS AWAY
possibly a new brand if you wanna be part of it go buy a anchor sticker and put it on you rboard
it might be a new brand if you become part of it post a picture

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(5) responses to: PROJECT: ANCHORS AWAY

  1. i would but where do you get them from

    gethyped's Emeritar gethyped Posted:
  2. Where can I get one?

    Clayboy777's Emeritar Clayboy777 Posted:
  3. i got mine at zumiez

    Mouth's Emeritar Mouth Posted:
  4. send me a sticker bro ill rep that shit =]

    campattuh's Emeritar campattuh Posted:
  5. ight dude

    Mouth's Emeritar Mouth Posted:

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