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Stay Gold! Names Anthony. hey whats good, about me well im inot music, art oh and i work at zumiez as the 2nd. As. manager 191 What up! (oh f**K!) before i forget def skate not so much anymore tho bake still will hit the board hard as (f**k) when it counts. im in two bands XCondorX and OnBurningAshes. you can find me either at Zumiez or Black Box Production Studios with all my friends. from the bands im in to my friends bands like Squidwards Ghost to To Reach The Shore. Find me at Facebook. - Anthony Fortuna


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  • yup i got two other ones. one on my foot, that isn't complete yet so i won't post a picture yet. umm, i'll go ahead and post one of my side.

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  • ha thanks buddy.

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