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Hi everyone. My name is Davor - nickname slimy,... I come from Slovenia and i'm 18 years old and I love skateboarding!

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  1. be my friend now. i joined 5 minutes ago and im already stuck with kircharts dog. Naw, seriously, my names adam and im from australia. Is slovenia in euorope?

    jfhbsklj's Emeritar jfhbsklj Posted:
  2. I dont really have problems, I was just a little frustrated. thanks anyway

    jfhbsklj's Emeritar jfhbsklj Posted:
  3. HEY BABE!!lol!

    Angela's Emeritar Angela Posted:
  4. omg, I havent had the time to get on the computer since forever.I'm at school right now in our language lab. Not supposed to be on here right now.By the way, LOVE the pic.

    Angela's Emeritar Angela Posted:
  5. what up.

    Conor 's Emeritar Conor Posted:

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