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I'm just chilling at home, enjoying being on holiday. Spending time with the family and rolling on the board every now again. Stoked on my report, haha! Well, I'm just not taking things to seriously and just trying to stay healthy, and have a good time at the Gym with some homies. Once in a while. Life is pretty good man, fuck chicks at the moment though. They can be a distraction, I'll just focus on my education and kick-it. So, I got something coming up with a few other homies before the holiday is over. Also I'll being seeing some NZ relatives aswell, should be good!

I have only had one pair of Emerica's (Reynolds Cruisers) and thought they were tight! But, Stay Gold was definetley a big video for me. Cheers for doing what you do, everyone on the team is sick! Fuck, 2nd blog done. Half way through the year, just gonna keep pushing.

I'm out :D

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