a group of my best drawings

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This would have come out so much better if it was in a sturdier sketchbook that didn't rub the pages together

newest one
this is the most recent thing i've drawn that i really like.

first good thing i've ever drawn this was the first decent thing to flow out of my pen three years ago.

probably my second best drawing from the beginning this one was probably made around the same time as the previous picture. just a doodle gone out of control with detail

failed fakie varial this was when i thought fakie varials were easier than regular ones.

my first canvas work first time i painted...ever...

biiiiiiiird i skipped a day of school to spend it with my girlfriend, and took this picture while we were out.

i just sort of haphazardly put pictures in here since i don't feel like finding pictures that fit the size requirement. i'll put more pictures up later. probably gonna have some stories to tell.

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(3) responses to: a group of my best drawings

  1. That stuffs tight !!

    jamie's Emeritar jamie Posted:
  2. ur an awsome artist

    Mr.White's Emeritar Mr.White Posted:
  3. yo i draw a lot 2. but my stuff is nowhere near ur's

    The King's Emeritar The King Posted:

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