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much kudos to the emerica team, not just to the skateboarders that made it possible, but also to the designers and everyone that had a hand in the making of this video. every aspect of the flick rolled seamlessly and like all emerica videos it left me with that feeling that you cant get from watching anything else. a feeling you cant describe other that being hyped. youre so stoked on the riders and at the same time the music just created the most badass series of emotions that just got you even more pumped. i could play this video with my girlfriend, fall asleep, and by the time its over she would be so stoked on life that she would wake me up and be naked. panty dropping soundtrack, i tell you. the editing in this video is amazing as well. i can see why it took so long to finally come out. some of the short effects scenes alone could have been most difficult to pull off. some of it i couldnt even tell you how they did it. but Seriously, the guys at emerica did an excellent job with this video i hope to see even more heartfelt skateboarding highlights in the future. stay gold.

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  1. just kidding. i dont have a girlfriend. but if i did, she probably wouldnt be that cool

    stanfox's Emeritar stanfox Posted:
  2. Damn right

    skatinsteve's Emeritar skatinsteve Posted:

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