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Once apon a time in a cardboard box not to far from herer there was a man named brother love, he was known for beatin bitch niggas into submission than proceeding to deficate in their mouths, and if they put up a fight he'd poor baby oil down their throat and face fuck them with his handy dandy vibrildo. One day brother love went to find mark ass college students so he could jack their ipod videos and sell them for his drug of choice...p.c mutha fuckin.p. when he was on his magic juice he had the power of 4 white rhinos with down syndrome and the wits of matt damon. as he lurked behind corners making sure to catch the right student he saw the perfect victum, a 5'8 skinny ass nigga with a hot ass flattop. even tho the boy had a boombox and a skateboard brotha love knew he was a skallywag jive turkey. brother love krept up behind the boy, baby oil and vibrildo in hand ready to fuck and rob, when all of a sudden the boy turned around and put his boom box on the ground and pressed play

" you fuckin with the wrong niggruh" the boy said as warm it up kane blasted out the boom box. brother love didnt know what to do as the boy started doing old school bell biv devoe dances and a crowd formed a circle around them

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