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ok so were still debating if we should name the video
Imagine That or Damn(you have to be there to understand that or if we name it that it'll show why we named it that)

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  1. I dont think people say "imagine that" anymore. or at least i never hear it being said. And if you do go that route, i say make it "imagine dat". and "damn" doesnt seem very creative. If it does require people to be there to understand that / named it, its kind of an inside joke in some ways. Idk, if your just making it for friends, it could work.

    tattoo-of-a-potato's Emeritar tattoo-of-a-potato Posted:
  2. I say just name it "Jerry's Vid" and or name it after someone whose not in your crew or in the vid, so people would be like, wtf, thus curiosity ensues, and popularity through absurdity. Or name it "Four Wheelin' deck destroyers"

    Ive always wanted to make something called "nothing special" but make it really creative. Flatter me by stealing one of my ideas...go!

    tattoo-of-a-potato's Emeritar tattoo-of-a-potato Posted:
  3. i agree with tatoo, nothing special sounds pretty tight, it reminds me of powells FUN! video hahah

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  4. I agree with the "Nothing Special" cause it sounds like a good vid, it just seems like a good name for the video. (:

    porkchop's Emeritar porkchop Posted:

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