Strange Days


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Well guys I know its been a Long time since my last post, I still love you all. But after breaking up with my lovely 2 year 1 month Girlfriend Last December, I got into a REAL bad Depression, I got Fired from Zumiez, so my days were not doing any good, guys If you ever feel like really loving something DON'T ever let it go Its real hard to get over it and HURTS real bad..
Anyways I guess I'm doing better now, we still talking but I'm just going to wait if she wants to come back.

I got These Shoes just 2 Days Before she broke up with me and I haven't posted anything so here are some pics of one of the gnarliest shoes ever.. I'm not a BIG ass fan of The Goat but Reynolds Cruisers are sick :) and they come in a GOLD BOX! here is some real STAY GOLD status down here!

love ya all!

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(3) responses to: Rehab.!

  1. Hang in there Strange Days!
    I've been there before, and it can be tough. Keep positive, stay busy, and skate as much as possible. Good to see you back online!
    Stay Gold

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  2. I feel you bud, you just gotta keep on with life and let it play out. When something good leaves your life it just means you have room for something else good to come into it man. Sick shoes too.

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:

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