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Skate Video Reviews 2!!

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yes! this is back! HAHAH!
well last night I was at Riot Skateshop ( I work there) and I opened this Box yeah! it was My copy of GOD SAVE THE LABEL dvd! and I recieved my copy of the Flip video tnks to Utility! haha

Black Label- God Save The Label
music is good the skating is good actually I loved Petter Raffins part same as Vince del Valle! their skating is so original! but then we get some Hammers!! with Chris Troy this kid fuck!! the song the skating everything is awesome!.
and to close.. we have Shuriken Shannon! he skates so hard! is amazing to see him!

Excellent video:)
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Flip-Extremely Sorry
Shane Cross! fuck! mindblowing! perfect edition
Rowley insane! just as clasy as he is.
Tom Penny full of style everywhere.. i mean you could just walk at his side and get some free style! from him! haha
Bob skates the mega ramp like Todd Falcon skates his!.
Luan man this kid this kid is nuts!! it makes me mad everytime i see him skate he so damn gooD!!
Gonzales! was KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
boulala Extemely fun!
Apples simple as always killer like he is!


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and yeah! next Thursday im Going to the Premiere of the NEW ZERO VIDEO!! STRANGE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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