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Zero Strange World! Premiere

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Well this last Thursday Oct. 29 My friends and I went to Encinitas CA. to watch the WORDL premiere of the new ZERO video.

The whole day was a Rush we started the mission on Wednesday at the Memorial Skatepark in Vista Ca. and we spent the night there.. there were some sick ass skaters like Derek Elmendorf.. then we woke up the next morning in San Marcos we had some breakfast and head out to Encinitas. it wasnt hard to find the theather!
we got there and saw TONS of people in the industry.. the whole ZERO team was there.. some Mystery guys.. some Green Rooms and Foundations.. sk8mafias.. bakerboys.. deathwishers.. and Slaves! haha Jake Phelps is crazy!

lets go back to the Video!

The Video is Awesome!
I just wont let you down like you can see it again and again..

If you dont want to know who had last part blablablabla dont go down!!!

sick intro!!
Garret Hill: is a killer man! he has like this huge enourmous POP! like I dont know he has so much power when he skates.. his style and everything is sick!

Keegan Sauder: he has this simple style, he skates everything so easily! tranny,stairs, rails, gaps, hes got it.

then we have with some weird shared part
Rattray. Meleshinsky. Cervantes. Sandoval. and I cant remember if Ben Gilley was there too! but he had some tricks.!
Rattray: eternal never ending awesome lines.. Meleshinsky: was gnarly I was expecting more but that was just good..
Cervantes:.. man.. I was dying to see more of you.. Sandoval :KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gilley: Gnarly hammers.

then.. we have a Full part with Emerica Rider...
Marisa Del Santo!
man! this girl skates better than every skater that I know!he has like this 2 or 3 min video part! is freaking gnarly!! congrats!

Elissa Steamer was a I dnt have words for it.. just gnarly forget everything you have seen before..she just goes up, up and up

James Brockman: his best part. ever.

Tom Asta and Chris Cole share a part. wich is fucking sick! the song wasnt like super good but their skating is sick!..

Danne Burman! this kid from OZ is sick.. he has this amazing australian style I liked so bad.

And the very las part was from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just cant say nothing.. you need to see it man. GNARLY

you can see pics

tnks. for your time. and reading.

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  1. shiiiiiiitt!! i can NOT wait to see it!!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:

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