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When you're skating, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.


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  • dude, thats too far, i live like near usc.

    Jorge's Emeritar Jorge Posted:
  • how about on thursday or friday? i don't know where the prod park is.

    Jorge's Emeritar Jorge Posted:
  • what about during the weekdays? cause i can't this weekend.

    Jorge's Emeritar Jorge Posted:
  • so, when do you wanna shoot some photos?

    Jorge's Emeritar Jorge Posted:
  • Reynolds Classics will drop on April 1 at your local skate shop! Call your local skateshop and make sure they got em coming in!

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  • its going good, i should be able to kick it with you like in a week.

    Jorge's Emeritar Jorge Posted:
  • We are going toYOUR WitS! Tell us where and why. The team will be going to 4 locations around the world, next stop could be your event.

    Timothy's Emeritar Timothy Posted:
  • ahh no doubt man, im actually healling better than expected. should be good prob about two weeks or three. where do you live?

    Jorge's Emeritar Jorge Posted:

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