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hey. the name is summer im 15 years youung. i don't skate but that's okayy haha my friend has one of these so i decided to make one (: don't get too mad at me lol. anywaysss any questions? just askk ! (:


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  • Omg ur super cute. ;) haha
    u should text me sometime. Whats ur number? :P

    aramjohnson's Emeritar aramjohnson Posted:
  • Aii...

    getskate 's Emeritar getskate Posted:
  • heyy

    Hsu me's Emeritar Hsu me Posted:
  • wats crackin

    rangaskater69er's Emeritar rangaskater69er Posted:
  • nice to meet you

    chylin's Emeritar chylin Posted:
  • hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ssssssuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeerrrrrr :DDDDDDDDD
    haha i'm hyper and i know you will get this in like a month or a year or so cause you never get onnn . anyways i just felt like your profile needed to say something from me on it . wellllll .. i love you girlyy . lets hang out soon . riverbend was fun the other niteeee .

    corinne.'s Emeritar corinne. Posted:
  • hey wats up?

    dougmares's Emeritar dougmares Posted:
  • hay what up

    thedoc's Emeritar thedoc Posted:

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