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Names 17 skate er day!
i live in Redding Cali..but im moving to Reno in 2 fav. decks are REAL, Krooked, and Foundation...hit me up if u want 2 know more...


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  • Ha im royalty

    Joey Broski's Emeritar Joey Broski Posted:
  • Cali...Nice =P

    Haha..Me im from Bum Fucking Ohio..

    "Hoodlum"'s Emeritar "Hoodlum" Posted:
  • Haha..the best thing to smoke.

    Nollie Tres that pretty sick, i fuckin' hate them, only cause i can never land my nollies right!

    So where you from?

    "Hoodlum"'s Emeritar "Hoodlum" Posted:
  • Chronic..? Haha....

    About 2.5 years.

    And yourself..?

    "Hoodlum"'s Emeritar "Hoodlum" Posted:
  • Hey. Hey.

    The names Shianne.

    So whats Good?

    "Hoodlum"'s Emeritar "Hoodlum" Posted:

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