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Hey ya'll I havent been on her forever cuz Ive just been partying, doing drugs, getting drunk, getting high, fucking, and hanging out with my friends and boyfriend. What have ya'll been up to?

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(7) responses to: WHAT UP!!!!

  1. the same damn thing what you think girl!

    Nick Sanders's Emeritar Nick Sanders Posted:
  2. same thing nothin but weed n 40 0z

    shakejunt 's Emeritar shakejunt Posted:
  3. You're retarded.

    Bailey's Emeritar Bailey Posted:
  4. Me 2 havent been on cause i was aressted for qettinq hiqh

    Yerrpp I Sk8 's Emeritar Yerrpp I Sk8 Posted:
  5. me to lol. no lie.

    skater11223434's Emeritar skater11223434 Posted:
  6. word up if you stayed where i stay we will be high everyday i could fuck wit you

    raybans's Emeritar raybans Posted:
  7. @raybans really? Lol u can't handle me :P

    tammy's Emeritar tammy Posted:

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