An Eventful Week?

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So, they tore down the house.
The house that the alternative youth of Copenhagen had been fighting for for the past 25 years.
They tore down Ungdomshuset (the youth house). Fight the authorities; show your disapproval!

Some pictures here.

So this week's been a bunch of demonstrations.

  • Sunday, protesting the eviction of the house and all the violent protests
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  • Monday, going to the area near the evicted house. Music and happy people. Tons of police, protecting the crews tearing down the house.

    There's some live video from the news with me in the background somewhere.
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    And then going to the city hall square, or whatever it's called, with a banner and some other people, standing in front of a TV studio with some silly politicians discussing the case and saying bad things about us activists.
    There's some video of that too, somewhere.

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  • Thursday, demonstrating again. Went with some girls from our school to another demo at first since it was womens international day or something; the demo turned out to be a seperatistic feminist demo, so we had to leave.
    Went to the city square again, there was music and people who spoke, and about 4000 people.

Going out again tomorrow to demonstrate.

More youth houses now!

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  1. I love when people stand up and fight for what they believe in or love.

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:

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