Fuck MP3 Players

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My 30gb video iPod's jack input broke, so after two years of nonstop usage, I'm going back to the 80's.

That red one sits in my pocket (or wherever it fits) and rolls those Priest, Gn'R and Wu-Tang tapes.

Now I'm off to record some Immortal Technique.

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(2) responses to: Fuck MP3 Players

  1. Fuck yeah, dude! Man I used to rock my walkman every day. And then I "upgraded" to mini-disc.

    That was stupid.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  2. hehe
    its cool when you find that kind of stuff
    i like those walkman
    are nice
    i want one
    hiii :)

    endiih's Emeritar endiih Posted:

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