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First off I want to say; there are some pretty lame "blog" entries on this Community site. This is my contribution.

So I went to a school in Copenhagen, lived there for a year with some rad people and got to know them. I took photo classes, and realized that I want to spend my life sometime combining photography with journalism somehow.

This is a day of shooting photos in Copenhagen.

We had photo classes one day. I decided to shoot some wideangle 35mm stuff, and borrowed a friends camera that fitted my wideangle lens.

Don't hesitate clicking the photos and taking you to a much nicer Flickr site.

Andreas and I packed some shit and went out into Copenhagen looking for adventure and something interesting to photograph.

We wanted to photograph something that could tell a story. Something that would make you think. A street/urban story.

"When the street speaks"

Walking around Copenhagen, you need some energy. And what's better than donuts?

When we got to the town square of Copenhagen, we met this foreign guy who hands of the free newspapers to people walking by.
We'd seen him before, since he's become quite known around the city for always jumping around and dancing, putting smiles on peoples faces when handing out the papers.

And after looking at this paint-splattered bus stop for a few seconds, we headed back to the school.

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