Eyes are slowly opening...

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Lately when I've woken up in the morning..the first thing that pops into my groggy head is..should I ride the longboard,bike,or drive to work? (which is only 60 seconds away) Well thus far I have not boarded or biked to work..sad to say I slumped into my drivers seat, turned the radio up, sipped my soy greentea and cruised in. I've made promises to myself to wake up earlier , throw on my skate shoes and kick off...and almost every night..thats the plan. Which brings me to another familiar topic: Why do we make promises to our selves but end up talking our selves into something easier,familiar and in our comfort zones? "Maybe at the next evaluation" or " When I see him/her again I'll tell them how I feel" You already know this! Just do it already! If you've experienced tragedy. Then you have already put the wheels in motion "life is just too short". Well don't let that feeling of emptyness fade away..use it to your advantage:) Other than my aggravated attempts at "modes" of transportation..I recently made a huge change in my life; I used to work for a criminal justice system in WA State for the past 5 1/2 yrs (I'm only 25 yrs old) Amazing pay $$ benefits, coworkers were hilarious, but I found myself slipping away, I became hardened, all criminal cases started looking the same.. and I became fed up. I never wanted to work in this field..I'm a painter..that stopped painting. A comedian that started to frown.Born in the sun, but lived in the shade. So... 3 months ago.. I asked my father if I could move in (On da Rez)..whom I haven't lived with since I was 9 yrs old! I wanted to follow my dreams before life slipped away, and be closer to my Native Family, to deepen my understanding of my culture.So packed up my essentials, followed my heart..And to say now that I have "nothing"(material things) and am sooo broke! But soo happy! Is a life with my eyes wide openBlog Image

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