Stay Gold

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If you haven't bought it yet go do it, I ordered mine and got it last week, and I've probly watched it 15 times now.
Brandon Westgate was exactly how you'd expect, super pop and amazing gaps. Jerry HSU had one of the sickest parts, crazy falls and so many tricks. I persoanlly really liked Marquise's part and hopefully he's pro soon, his style is super smooth. Hermans part was really good, mainly the second half. Leo's part was like watching someone try to kill themself and did not dissapoint. Provost, Suski and Spanky all had gnarly parts with some different tricks. Braydons part was a lot of older footage but he's always been a personal favorite of mine. Tancowny ripped. Heath's part was decent, more like a montage same with BA KU. Figgy was mind blowing.
And honestly if for some weird instance you only get to see one part of Stay Gold, watch Andrew Reynolds, his part alone could have been put on a disk and sold for full price, if his goal was to have his personal best part he did it and honestly I'd say it's one of the best skate video parts ever, and in the bonus section you really see how crazy he went about making it perfect and it shows!


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  1. Good review man! I ordered mine one week ago but I'm still waiting to receive it cause I live in canada!

    micamor's Emeritar micamor Posted:
  2. how do you watch bakus part

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:

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