Remeber this?

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Ya gotta

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(6) responses to: Remeber this?

  1. hell yea.this was my joint. back in the day.
    my first boombox..damn.brings me back.

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  2. Kidd HELL TO THE YEAH!!! This is my shit a classic joint that never gets old!!! Plus I'm fresh outta tha bing so I'm soooo feelin this!!! GOOD POST!!!

    sk8ta-gr1llz's Emeritar sk8ta-gr1llz Posted:
  3. ya boi

    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  4. oh my god.....oh my god

    BAKED POTATO's Emeritar BAKED POTATO Posted:
  5. my dad used to bump this in our old pontiac when he was a bouncer at a rap music joint half hour away.

    kade's Emeritar kade Posted:

    steezin-n-weezin2320's Emeritar steezin-n-weezin2320 Posted:

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