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Tabios Phinazee, that's the name man. I'm from Griffin, Georga but im currently living in the lamest place on planet earth which is Locust Grove, Georgia. I'm a skateboarder. I love my music, the world sounds dumb without it. I don't have a mp3 player, so i keep music playing in my head at all times. My favorite food is animal cracers. They look cool and taste good especially the chocolate ones. If I ever tell you to shutup just do so because I'm pretty sure you won't like me when I'm angry. Something random, for some reason my best friend thinks he's smarter than me. Who put that in his head, the world will never know. Really good looking Asian and Hispanic girls turn me on at frist sight. They are bomb digity, if you know what I mean man. Umm okay this is enough typing for me. Oh yeah and fuc you if you can't spell and hate animal cracers. Yeah Tae, I'm talking about you.So get over it and go plant your fucing mango tree.
If you wanna talk send me something, but you can't be one of those stupid people who think they are funny.


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