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although I say fuck a blog our "company" has one. me and my bro started up a creative board graphic group (team) Sativa Skateboards, in new orleans, LA. for not making hardly any money-since starting this up about half a year ago-we intend to keep it going. for instance we've got 3 or 4 kids sponsored already to give back to skating..and put these kids in a position to maybe go far in the skate world. please check out our graphics here go to the first post. we've made many graphics that we've skated and never put on the blog but we constantly are making new be expecting new graphics. also, we are in the making of the first Sativa video which should come out next summer of 2011 and we upload throwaway videos on youtube about once a week. our youtube account = emericachill3. so yeah. if you can, please check this stuff out and leave some feedback. thank you.Blog Image

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