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Sometimes weed makes ya giggle.

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(15) responses to: Stoner.

  1. AWWW dude you smoke weed??? ur too hot to be doin that kinda shit

    Snazzed Up's Emeritar Snazzed Up Posted:
  2. whats wrong with weed? she's havin a good time.

    'fraid so...'s Emeritar 'fraid so... Posted:
  3. oh man reminds me of my evening yesterday ^^ i was running with that expression around and just fell asleep after an hour and missed the complete party xD

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  4. shit yeah it does. and beautiful pic

    AidanRowland's Emeritar AidanRowland Posted:
  5. u have a beautiful smile in this pic

    darius's Emeritar darius Posted:
  6. hell ya I love weed!

    Lindsey's Emeritar Lindsey Posted:
  7. hell im gigglin right now! hahah!!!

    (Good-Bye)'s Emeritar (Good-Bye) Posted:
  8. love this picca especially the colors. and weed. :)

    BAKED POTATO's Emeritar BAKED POTATO Posted:
  9. ha i know that feelin my friends and i went to pan and got some dimes and skated wilshire i had that same look it was pretty trippy i had to wlk the whole way i coulnt skate

    emerica4life-'s Emeritar emerica4life- Posted:
  10. smoking the reefer is what i do all day every day
    fo sho =]
    BUT i love your shirtah

    roxie1's Emeritar roxie1 Posted:
  11. you little hippie you

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  12. Hell Yeah ZooM Salad:]

    -Z(~..~)M-'s Emeritar -Z(~..~)M- Posted:
  13. At a girl. . GET STONED!!

    gimmy's Emeritar gimmy Posted:
  14. damnnnnn your sexy

    drew winchester's Emeritar drew winchester Posted:
  15. dude that guy that's *BkL€€Ding BkLU€* doesn't know what he's talkin about. toke for life! and yeah giggle as well.

    iv-steez's Emeritar iv-steez Posted:

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